Reproductive Health Cost Reporting System

Average cost of service per element

Service count Labour Capital Commodity Reccuring Total
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) 205 Br142.61 Br0.30 Br134.01 Br3.84 Br280.76
ANC Visit -1-4 6612 Br119.54 Br1.05 Br105.28 Br3.49 Br229.36
ANC Visit -1st 10230 Br153.95 Br0.48 Br47.79 Br2.66 Br204.88
ANC Visit -2nd 3801 Br86.48 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br90.26
ANC Visit -3rd 2344 Br110.86 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br114.65
Art 687 Br173.21 Br1.15 Br141.79 Br2.89 Br319.05
Blood Film 6599 Br44.40 Br1.18 Br44.23 Br3.36 Br93.16
Blood Group with RH Factor 5167 Br32.79 Br1.12 Br99.55 Br4.13 Br137.59
Blood Morphology 0 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00
BTL Follow Up 32 Br81.12 Br1.21 Br273.74 Br6.80 Br362.88
BTL Minilaparotomy 79 Br4.75 Br0.89 Br113.32 Br3.43 Br122.39
CAC Client Tested Result for HIV/Aids 3154 Br38.51 Br1.32 Br107.85 Br3.94 Br151.62
CAC Services 22336 Br1.59 Br0.46 Br172.46 Br2.66 Br177.17
Child Care 779 Br111.18 Br1.15 Br141.79 Br2.89 Br257.01
Child Growth Monitoring 2770 Br2.27 Br0.71 Br0.83 Br3.49 Br7.30
Child Health Services 1084 Br1.14 Br0.75 Br88.65 Br2.31 Br92.85
Child Immunization 36577 Br59.30 Br0.77 Br94.94 Br3.14 Br158.15
Condoms 4895 Br16.13 Br2.20 Br204.00 Br4.95 Br227.28
Coombs Test 8 Br30.26 Br0.20 Br0.91 Br0.00 Br31.37
CSE/FLE 3692 Br0.79 Br0.11 Br0.43 Br4.22 Br5.54
Delivery Service 382 Br10.76 Br1.59 Br282.75 Br2.30 Br297.40
Differential Count 1134 Br47.52 Br0.34 Br0.72 Br2.57 Br51.16
Disclosing (Discordant) 11 Br153.60 Br0.71 Br0.83 Br3.49 Br158.63
Disclosing Positive 191 Br161.65 Br0.27 Br0.78 Br3.42 Br166.11
Early Detection of Cervical Cancer with VIA 101 Br10.76 Br1.59 Br282.75 Br2.30 Br297.40
Emergency Contraception Follow Up Consultation 4 Br68.64 Br1.25 Br168.46 Br4.29 Br242.64
Emergency Contraception Supply 4494 Br78.14 Br0.93 Br143.73 Br3.36 Br226.16
ESR 371 Br62.06 Br1.23 Br95.05 Br4.98 Br163.32
FP Counseling 227767 Br154.89 Br1.16 Br182.30 Br3.57 Br341.92
Generalized SRH Counseling 185537 Br6.07 Br0.93 Br136.92 Br3.36 Br147.29
Genital Ulcer 251 Br195.12 Br0.29 Br0.90 Br2.36 Br198.67
HBSAG Total 397 Br10.20 Br1.04 Br217.87 Br6.53 Br235.63
HCV Antibody Test Total 28 Br2.27 Br0.71 Br0.83 Br3.49 Br7.30
Hematocrit 3197 Br70.49 Br0.32 Br0.89 Br3.15 Br74.85
Hemoglobin 4302 Br80.55 Br0.95 Br163.95 Br4.34 Br249.79
HIV Positive Pregnant Mother Receive Care and Support/Follow Up 17 Br2.27 Br0.71 Br0.83 Br3.49 Br7.30
ICT services 7555 Br0.79 Br0.11 Br0.43 Br4.22 Br5.54
IEC BCC 575319 Br1.76 Br0.39 Br111.15 Br2.68 Br115.99
Implanon Follow Up 5183 Br48.57 Br0.94 Br127.46 Br3.08 Br180.05
Implanon Insertion 1 Rod 8767 Br55.78 Br0.93 Br258.89 Br3.36 Br318.97
Implanon Removal 1447 Br70.48 Br0.71 Br134.03 Br2.84 Br208.05
Incomplete Abortion Treatment (MVA) 48 Br6.98 Br0.67 Br131.09 Br5.11 Br143.85
Infertility Care 12 Br10.95 Br3.28 Br190.85 Br2.07 Br207.15
Infertility Care Initial 4254 Br3.71 Br0.57 Br158.57 Br3.77 Br166.62
Infertility Care Revisit 7035 Br1.88 Br0.47 Br130.50 Br2.44 Br135.29
Inguinal Bubo 21 Br209.94 Br0.18 Br0.65 Br2.18 Br212.94
Initiation of Post Abortion FP 3399 Br156.21 Br1.32 Br107.85 Br3.94 Br269.31
Injectable 3 Months Resupply 20216 Br39.51 Br0.46 Br172.46 Br2.66 Br215.08
Injectible 3 Months (Depo) 4178 Br5.72 Br0.34 Br93.00 Br5.08 Br104.13
IUCD Follow Up 3224 Br5.93 Br0.88 Br136.67 Br3.19 Br146.67
IUCD Insertion 12years 4752 Br76.13 Br0.83 Br166.17 Br3.48 Br246.62
IUCD Removal 643 Br115.22 Br0.47 Br126.15 Br3.00 Br244.84
Jadelle Follow Up Consultation 4045 Br46.53 Br0.94 Br127.46 Br3.08 Br178.01
Jadelle Insertion (Consultation) 2 Rods 5819 Br6.07 Br0.93 Br292.66 Br3.36 Br303.03
Jadelle Removal 729 Br78.93 Br0.71 Br134.03 Br2.84 Br216.51
Library services 42896 Br0.79 Br0.11 Br0.43 Br4.22 Br5.54
Lower Abdominal Pain/PID 116 Br177.30 Br0.29 Br0.90 Br2.36 Br180.85
Male Condom Initial Consultation 47794 Br75.58 Br0.46 Br172.46 Br2.66 Br251.16
Male Condoms 23443 Br2.07 Br0.25 Br118.03 Br2.73 Br123.09
Management of AUB/Follow Up 812 Br103.78 Br0.42 Br95.87 Br2.03 Br202.10
Management of AUB/Initial 1149 Br150.54 Br0.42 Br95.87 Br2.03 Br248.87
Maternal Immunization 2471 Br2.99 Br0.70 Br166.08 Br2.04 Br171.81
Medical Abortion 3749 Br133.22 Br1.32 Br107.85 Br3.94 Br246.32
Neonatal Conjunctivitis 171 Br1.50 Br0.22 Br0.62 Br2.31 Br4.65
Non-Pregnant Mother Tt1-2 Vaccination 716 Br29.68 Br0.26 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br33.47
OI Consultation 1st 442 Br1.55 Br0.50 Br159.21 Br3.22 Br164.48
OI/OI Treatment/OI Management 639 Br9.87 Br2.37 Br122.36 Br3.57 Br138.16
Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP) 8633 Br9.19 Br1.25 Br186.99 Br3.67 Br201.10
Oral Contraceptive Pills Resupply 12857 Br63.04 Br0.46 Br168.50 Br2.91 Br234.91
Other Diseases 0 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00
Other Gynecological Follow Up 8161 Br6.43 Br0.94 Br169.45 Br2.86 Br179.68
Other Gynecological Initial 8316 Br1.74 Br0.53 Br156.31 Br2.99 Br161.57
Other Labs 120110 Br5.82 Br0.81 Br134.08 Br3.43 Br144.14
Pap Smear Total 253 Br68.27 Br0.65 Br71.23 Br2.50 Br142.66
Partner HIV Testing 303 Br265.47 Br0.32 Br0.89 Br3.15 Br269.82
Partner Screening & Counseling 406 Br2.08 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br5.86
PICT Posttest Counseling 11787 Br2.07 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br5.86
PICT Pretest Counseling 31299 Br99.36 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br103.15
PICT Service 4240 Br15.85 Br2.48 Br162.45 Br3.18 Br183.96
PICT Testing 12780 Br84.52 Br0.35 Br62.34 Br4.58 Br151.78
Platelet Count 0 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00 Br0.00
PLWHA Currently Receiving Art 364 Br2.27 Br0.71 Br0.83 Br3.49 Br7.30
PLWHA Ever Started On ART Care 386 Br2.27 Br0.71 Br0.83 Br3.49 Br7.30
PMTCT Post Test Counseling 7424 Br2.07 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br5.86
PMTCT Pretest Counseling 7434 Br103.95 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br107.74
PMTCT Prophylaxis Service 7 Br2.27 Br0.71 Br0.83 Br3.49 Br7.30
PMTCT Service 2082 Br14.16 Br1.20 Br326.39 Br8.05 Br349.80
PMTCT Testing 7433 Br95.12 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br98.91
Post Abortion Counseling 1422 Br86.04 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br89.83
Post Abortion Follow Up 4019 Br9.74 Br1.32 Br107.85 Br3.94 Br122.85
Postnatal Care 2236 Br124.55 Br0.64 Br71.36 Br2.94 Br199.48
Pre Abortion Counseling 1500 Br98.06 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br101.85
Pre ART Counseling 281 Br2.27 Br0.71 Br0.83 Br3.49 Br7.30
Pregnancy Test Total 12519 Br72.70 Br1.32 Br107.85 Br3.94 Br185.80
Pregnant Mother Tt1-2 Vaccination 5290 Br68.50 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br72.29
Prevention of Reproductive Organ Cancer 30474 Br2.88 Br0.62 Br127.30 Br2.82 Br133.62
Rape Diagnosis & Treatment 55 Br1.54 Br0.64 Br190.30 Br0.89 Br193.38
Recreational services 70425 Br0.79 Br0.11 Br0.43 Br4.22 Br5.54
RPR Total 4811 Br9.62 Br1.12 Br99.55 Br4.13 Br114.42
Scrotal Swelling 15 Br176.43 Br0.12 Br0.92 Br2.98 Br180.44
Specialized SRH Counseling 191981 Br6.07 Br0.93 Br136.92 Br3.36 Br147.29
STI Counselling 31157 Br137.77 Br1.40 Br117.20 Br4.09 Br260.46
STI Screening 38017 Br182.66 Br0.29 Br3.05 Br2.68 Br188.68
STI Services 63967 Br1.59 Br0.46 Br172.46 Br2.66 Br177.17
STI/RTI Diagnosed & Treated 7038 Br7.17 Br1.13 Br175.12 Br3.67 Br187.08
Stool (Direct Microscope) Total 7533 Br9.62 Br1.12 Br99.55 Br4.13 Br114.42
Surgical Abortion-Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) 191 Br8.02 Br0.83 Br163.56 Br5.48 Br177.89
Ultrasound 10949 Br15.28 Br0.73 Br129.73 Br2.35 Br148.09
Urethral Discharge 401 Br165.86 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br169.65
Vaginal Discharge 1353 Br189.91 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br193.69
Vasectomy 51 Br296.23 Br0.63 Br84.84 Br3.97 Br385.67
Vasectomy Follow Up 3 Br85.51 Br1.24 Br168.46 Br4.29 Br259.50
VCT Posttest Counseling 10271 Br2.07 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br5.86
VCT Pretest Counseling 10304 Br163.23 Br0.25 Br0.80 Br2.73 Br167.02
VCT Test 11895 Br100.39 Br0.35 Br62.34 Br4.58 Br167.65
VCT/HCT Service 84731 Br6.68 Br1.18 Br168.89 Br2.84 Br179.60
VCT/HIV/ RAPID Test 3933 Br38.74 Br1.95 Br167.11 Br4.39 Br212.19
WBC 3058 Br55.97 Br0.61 Br109.26 Br4.35 Br170.19